Luminiţa Mihaela Drăghicescu

Luminiţa Mihaela Drăghicescu – Associate Professor Ph.D., Teacher Training Department, Valahia University Târgovişte, Romania. She works at Teacher Training Department, at Valahia University Targoviste. She graduated the Faculty of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy, University of Bucharest (1995). She has a Ph.D. degree in Educational Sciences, University of Bucharest (2007). She is author / co-author of several relevant books in the area of education: Education through Sciences. Aspects related to instruction based on scientific investigation (2014), Educational reform between design and implementation (2012); Education and professional development (2011); Simion Mehedinţi – theoretician of education (2009); Benchmarks of increasing the quality of education in rural area (2008).

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