Risk in Contemporary Economy. RCE 2017 – Seraphin HUGUES, Nicoleta CRISTACHE (editori)

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Volumul intitulat ,,Risk in Contemporary Economy”, editat de Seraphin HUGUES si Nicoleta CRISTACHE, a fost publicat ca urmare a celei de a XVIII-a editii a conferintei stiintifice nationale Risk in Contemporary Economy, care a avut loc in perioada 9-10 iunie 2017 in Galati, Romania, organizata de Facultatea de Economie si Administrarea Afacerilor a Universitatii Dunarea de Jos din Galati.

Domenii de interes:

  • economie
  • societate de risc
  • risc economic
  • costuri in domeniul sanitar
  • costuri in domeniul educational
  • dezvoltare durabila
  • responsabilitate organizationala


  • Education in the Contemporary Economy and Society. Risks and Challenges Sebastian Cristian CHIRIMBU, Eduard IONESCU  – pp. 1-9
  • The Statistical Connector between the Health Expenditures and the Life Expectancy, in United States Gabriela OPAIŢ – pp. 9-29
  • Management of Educational Paradigms within the Framework of Contemporary Educational Strategies Eduard IONESCU, Sebastian Cristian CHIRIMBU – pp. 30-36
  • Comparative Statistical Analysis Concerning „The Boom” of the Medical Equipments and Technologies, between United States and Germany Gabriela OPAIŢ – pp. 37-58
  • Premises and Consequences of the Adoption of the Euro as the Single Currency in Romania Violeta Elena DRĂGOI, Lucreţia Mariana CONSTANTINESCU, Larisa Elena PREDA – pp. 59-73
  • Adults’ Educational Needs and Continuous Professional Development Geanina COLAN, Marilena RÂPĂ, Diamanta BULAI, Monica RĂDUCAN  – pp. 74-82
  • The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Performance of Organizations Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Irina Olimpia SUSANU, Adrian Ciprian GHINEA, Ana Maria STAN, Marius George MUNTEANU – pp. 83-94
  • The Behavior of Stock Prices during Lent and Advent Ramona DUMITRIU, Razvan STEFANESCU  – pp. 95-112
  • Identifying the Wastes from the Romanian Healthcare System using the Lean Approach Cosmin DOBRIN, Ruxandra DINULESCU, Adriana DIMA – pp. 113-123
  • Corporate Governance and Related Parties Transactions – Evidence from Romanian Listed Companies  Iuliana Oana MIHAI, Riana Iren RADU, Violeta ISAI  – pp. 124-134
  • Considerations Regarding the Assessment Capacity and Recognition in Accounting of Human Capital Riana Iren RADU, Iuliana Oana MIHAI, Violeta ISAI  – pp. 135-145
  • Approaches Regarding the Application of ISQC1 and ISA 220 in the Audit Activity  Riana Iren RADU, Iuliana Oana MIHAI  – pp. 146-156
  • Strategic Management of Cerebral Arachnoid Cysts in Children in the Era of Globalisation Eva-Maria COJOCARU, Victoriţa STEFĂNESCU  – pp. 157-164
  • Information Security – A Growing Challenge for Online Business Gabriela GHEORGHE, Ioana LUPASC  – pp. 165-171
  • Combating Fraud in the European Union and in Romania Gabriela GHEORGHIU, Cerasela Elena SPĂTARIU  – pp. 172-183
  • Information and Communication Technologies for the Safety and Security of Fish and Fishery Products Liliana Mihaela MOGA – pp. 184-192
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience, Factor of Influence on the Function of Entrepreneur Gabriel CROITORU, Mircea DUICA, Ofelia ROBESCU, Valentin RADU, Oana OPRISAN  – pp. 193-216
  • The Impact of Standardization on Growth of Performances of Human Resources within an Organization Constanţa POPESCU, Roxana SURCEL (GEORGESCU) – pp. 217-225
  • Cross-Cultural Evidence on Students’ Perceptions of Experiential Learning Alexandrina TANVUIA, Matthew REILLY, Alexandru CAPATINA, Adrian MICU, Angela Eliza MICU – pp. 226-239
  • The Impact of Development in Forestry Related Activities on Local Economy Florin-Octavian MATEI  – pp. 240-249
  • The Project Team: Features, Effectiveness and Leadership Ramona-Elena GABREA, Cătălin-Ionuţ LĂSCAIE, Delia-Mioara POPESCU, Alin-Iulian ŢUCMEANU – pp. 250-260
  • Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Sector: A Risky Activity in French Overseas Departments? Hugues SERAPHIN, Manuela PILATO, Claudio BELLIA – pp. 261-273
  • The Mobbing Phenomene and its Impact on the Employees Activity Georgiana Tatiana BONDAC, Maria Luiza HRESTIC, Crenguţa Ileana SINISI – pp. 274-283
  • Transforming the Banking Organization in the Context of Digital Economy  Oana-Mihaela ILIE, Constanţa POPESCU, Silvia Elena IACOB – pp. 284-292
  • Relationship Between Supply Chain Risks: An Empirical Work  Mustafa ÜNĞAN – pp. 293-303
  • Influences of the Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital on Financial Performance. Case Study on ENGIE Group  Elena Valentina IVASCU, Nicoleta BARBUTA-MISU – pp. 304-320
  • The Nitrification Capacity of Different Types of Biological Filters – An Overview  Ahmed EL-SHESHTAWY, Abdallah SALAH, Mostafa Abdel RAHMAN IBRAHIM, Dorina Nicoleta MOCUTA, Adrian TUREK RAHOVEANU, Ana Maria HOSSU – pp. 321-328
  • Analysis of Agriculture in the Socio-Economic Context of the Romanian Rural Environment  Iulia GRADINARU (CRISTEA), Dorina MOCUTA – pp. 329-337
  • Rural Tourism – Alternative to the Development of Rural Areas  Maria Cristina PAIU, Adrian TUREK RAHOVEANU – pp. 338-346
  • Culture of Lavender: Investment for Health, Beauty and Food  Stelica CRISTEA, Georgia BOROS-IACOB – pp. 347-356
  • The Intangible Assets, the Hidden Wealth of the Romanian Companies  Florentina MOISESCU, Silvia-Aurora TITOR – pp. 357-363
  • Impact of Globalization on the Romanian Labor Market Ramona Mariana CĂLINICĂ – pp. 364-373
  • The Effects of the Globalization on the Labor Market in Republic of Moldova  Ramona Mariana CĂLINICĂ – pp. 374-382
  • Food Quality in Romania. Compliant or Not with Food Quality in Western Europe?  Silvius STANCIU – pp. 383-396
  • Analysis of Influence of Ethical Principles on the Performance of Health Care System  Irina Olimpia SUSANU, Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Diana Elena ZAHARIA (ŞTEFĂNESCU), Tiberius STANCIU, Tiberiu Ilidor PLEŞA – pp. 397-414
  • Transfer Pricing – An Innovative Approach  Ramona MAXIM, Florentina MOISESCU – pp. 415-422
  • Sustainable Rural Development through Promoting Non-Agricultural Activities  Maria Magdalena TUREK RAHOVEANU, Luxita RISNOVEANU  – pp. 423-433
  • Romanian Health System on the National Statistical Data  Cezar Ionuţ BICHESCU, Mariana CHIVU, Silvius STANCIU – pp. 434-446
  • Academic Marketing  Ecaterina Daniela ZECA – pp. 447-455
  • Development Smart Water Aquaponics Model  Gheorghe Adrian ZUGRAVU, Kamel Ibrahim KAMEL, Maria Magdalena TUREK RAHOVEANU, Marian Tiberiu COADA, Stefan Mihai PETREA, Alexandru Cristian BANDI, Mirela CRETU, Ira Adeline CHIHAIA – pp. 456-464
  • Performance Audit, an Independent Assessment Instrument for the Management of Public Institutions  Iliodor Tiberiu PLESA – pp. 465-478
  • The Equestrian Tourism Valorisation in Romania  Violeta Andreea ANDREIANA, Lucretia Mariana CONSTANTINESCU, Maria Cristina STEFAN – pp. 479-490
  • End Users and ERP Systems’ Success. Three Models  Gianina MIHAI – pp. 491-506
  • Leadership Approaches – a Comparative Analysis  George-Eduard NECULAE, Sofia DAVID – pp. 507-521
  • Developing Customer Trust in E-Commerce Using Inbound Marketing Strategies  Adrian MICU, Marius GERU, Angela-Eliza MICU – pp. 522-531
  • Shale Gas Exploitation: Challenges for Development in Algeria  Boualem Ammar CHEBIRA, Lynda AMIRAT – pp. 532-544
  • Analysis the Aquaculture Situation in the European Union  Mihaela NECULIŢĂ – pp. 545-552
  • Features of Leadership in Cultural Institutions. Case Study: Arges County Museums Iuliana TALMACIU, Diana Elena ZAHARIA (ŞTEFĂNESCU) – pp. 553-562
  • An Expert System for a Business Problem Vasile MAZILESCU – pp. 563-578
  • Socio-Economic Costs of Affective Disorders in Romania  Valentin Marian ANTOHI, Florin Marian BUHOCIU, Daniela Gabriela GLĂVAN, Cristina COTOCEL, Mihail Cristian PIRLOG – pp. 579-604
  • Transfer Pricing – between Optimization and International Tax Evasion  Valentin SAVA, Manuela Violeta TUREATCĂ – pp. 605-617
  • Territorial Structures for Transborder Development; Efficiency and Financing  Florin-Marian BUHOCIU, George SCHIN, Dragoş Horia BUHOCIU, Valentin Marian ANTOHI – pp. 618-626
  • The Appearance and Development of Wine Tourism in Romania  Mihaela-Carmen MUNTEAN, Rozalia NISTOR – pp. 627-644
  • Employment and Entrepreneurship. Strategic Orientations in Current Economic and Social Development  Daniela NECHITA pp. 645-657
  • Opportunities for Regional Development of the National Territory Daniela NECHITA, Ludmila Daniela MANEA, Florina Oana VIRLANUTA – pp. 658-668

Author: Editura Științifică LUMEN