Victorița Rădulescu

Victorița Rădulescu – Date and place of birth: 26 September 1959, Bucharest Citizen: Romanian Education: University Politehnica of Bucharest, Degree: Engineer, Faculty of Mechanics, 1978-1983 Degree: PhD Engineer, Speciality: Hydraulic, Machineries and Installations, 1990-1994 Post graduate courses: United Kingdom, Greece. Professional Experience: 2004 – present Prof. PhD. Eng, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Energy, Department of Hydraulics, Hydraulic machinery and Environmental Engineering, Head of the Laboratory of the Applied Hydraulics and Numerical Modelling – 14 Published books (7 in central publishing houses) – 34 Articles published in national and international specialized revues – 38 Articles published and communicated in International Congresses – 31 articles communicated in National Congresses and Conferences UE Expert Evaluation, FP7- Domains: Energy; Renewable Resources ; Energetic efficiency Member European Society of Physics, Member of Romanian Association of Physics, Member WCE (World Council of Energy), CNE (National Council of Energy), Expert Audit EPSO since 2009, Technical Expert: INTERREG Technical Expert: Young Energy, Technical Expert Enel Technical Expert Evaluator for Bulgaria, domains: Energy, Renewable Resources and Environmental Protection National and International projects: Director on 32 National research contracts: CEEX, Grants CNCSIS and at 3 International project cooperation 2-Greece and 1- United Kingdom National expert in evaluation ANCS, UEFISCDI.

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