Simona Mina

Simona MINA, graduated doctoral studies in 2008, in the field of Managing Conflicts (competences in the fields of Management of human resources, Managing of conflicts, Public sector’s management). Also graduated a Masteral Programme Degree from University Lille 2, and achieved competences in the field of Public Management, Human resources in Public administration, Organizational Behaviour. Issues of interest are: reform in public sector, organizational behaviour, emotional conflicts, team building and functional conflicts. Member in the research team, project No. 2468, acronym ACECAPI, The National Research Plan 2, project financed by The National Programs’ Management Centre, in the 2007 Partnerships competition, contract No. 91-035/2007, Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the public administration’s reform effects on the E.U.’s integration process regarding the reduction of disparity of the evolution in the economic regions. Agreement no. 36/30.05.2011 in the Project “VIA -Vocation, Interests, Self-Knowledge and development, the road to professional success”, POSDRU/90/2.1/S/63742,<; also developed a second research’s agreement no. 489/29.08.2012, in the same Project, with the role of counselling students in correctly career way search.

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