Studii europene. Analize multidimensionale – Octavian Aron, Lidia Mandru, Elena Stan, Antonio Sandu

Studii europene

Studii europene. Analize multidimensionale/ European Studieas. Multidimensional Analysis (Romanian Version)
Authors: Octavian ARON, Lidia MANDRU, Elena STAN, Antonio SANDU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2008
No. pg. 91

The therapeutic goal of Deliquency in Romanian literature
European Union-cultural and artistic diversity and political manifestations identical
The society, a theater of convention: Elena STAN
European Commission’s role in competition policy: Lidia MANDRU
Ethical transmodern horizons in European culture: Antonio SANDU
Bureaucracy And The Role Of Law: A Comparative Perspective
Countries In Mirror: Reflections Of Lustrationin The Cyech Republic And Romania: Octavian- Cornel ARON

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