Guest Editor

Quality of Volume Coordinator/ Guest Editor: Responsibilities and duties

Up to three of the authors participating in the colective volume, whose proposal was accepted and scheduled for publication to be processed, can be the coordinator/quest editor of volume. Volume’s Quest editor has the task of disseminating information on the proposed collective volume (through Call for Papers), supervising of the peer review process and communication. Quest editors duties:

  • Making invitations among authors with expertise in the proposed topic
  • Developing and distributing type ads call for papers among the scientific community in the field
  • Selection and assignment of reviewers to evaluate the papers proposed to volume. Our editorial policy encourages the creation of a blind peer review, both the author and the reviewer remain anonymous when evaluating the works.
  • Selecting works after peer review process. The coordinator is responsible for the acceptance / rejection / revision  of papers and informs editor decision.
  • Writing an introduction to the proposed volume
  • Preparation of the manuscript to be sent in the editorial process.