Publishing Collective Volumes / Chapters in Volumes

Lumen Publishing develops, based on a previous experience of past years, a publication strategy with national and international character, in order to meet the social and humanistic authors interest, who want to disseminate information obtained as a result of great scientific value research, by publishing in a collective volume. 
Publication in a collective volume gives the author the opportunity to participate through its own contribution to the development of the expertise domain and increasing his/her visibility in the academic professional.

The program involves the development of two distinct areas whose results converge in publishing high-quality scientific collective volumes in  following Fields and Collections.

I. Volumes with themes proposed by authors

Authors in the  socio-humanistic sciences domain are invited to submit for publishing, volumes,  papers and/or  chapters in collective volumes on topics in the field of expertise. There are expected both the theoretical work and results of the empirical researches. We recommend the proposal of works correlated with each other, forming a unitary volume, with the character of the monograph or treaty.

Proposal of the volume

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II. Volumes with themes proposed by Lumen Publishing

Within the same project, Lumen Publishing invites interested authors in the domain of social and humanistic sciences to propose papers/chapter in volumes for the following titles of collective volumes: 

  • Inter and Transdisciplinary Approaches in Ethics
  • Social Work Practice

Proposal for chapter / papers in Volume

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