Instructions for authors

In order to achieve an accurate and efficient evaluation of scientific quality and market value of the materials submitted for publication, authors are advised to include information about the following issues in the proposal for publishing:

Mandatory Criteria:

1.   Sending significant fragments from the volume (these are necessary to be sent along with the full version of the volume). A manuscript will not be juried only based on the significant fragments, as reviewers must check for plagiarism, the actual possibility to publish the work in time etc. The process of editorial evaluation as peer-review includes two stages: the evaluation of significant fragments, which can be eliminatory, and the editorial evaluation of the volume, meaning the content of the entire volume.

2.   Sending the abstract of the volume in both Romanian and English language.

3.   10 keywords.

4.   Technical information about the manuscript: number of pages, illustrations, figures, tables etc. (please specify if you want these to be published in colour).

5.   Clear classification of the volume in one of the Domains of Lumen Publishing House

6. A statement of conformity to the rules of wording of Lumen Publishing House and a statement according to which you agree with the evaluation of the volume by the reviewers of Lumen Publishing House. For Lumen Programs Culture Book and Scientific Book, the following statements will be added: a statement according to which the paper is unsubsidized by other sources, and a statement regarding the originality of the paper.

7. Sending a letter of intent. The letter should include the arguments considered significant by the author for the acceptance of publishing as well as the reason for choosing Lumen Publishing House.

8. Sending the CV, along with a short description (10 to 15 lines) and a photo. The description should contain information regarding the biography of the author (previous published volumes, courses, achieved research etc.). Sending a description is not eliminatory but can improve the score of the paper.

* Attention in wording the editorial proposal! It must not have spelling mistakes, be ambiguous or unclear. It must be coherent and concise, allowing reviewers to understand exactly what it is about, the novelty elements and the cultural or scientific value that the volume brings.

It is an advantage if the letter of intent includes the following information:

  1. Clear identification of benefits and advantages that readers and especially students, masters and doctoral students may have after reading the volume proposed. Information, if any, regarding the type of audience that might be interested in the volume, such as: students, teachers, researchers and, where possible, an approximate number of readers can be indicate.
  2. In a few paragraphs, the author will present: the main topic and subject of the volume, epistemological, methodological and cultural approach, the purpose contemplated when the volume was prepared (for example: intention to be a university course, a monograph, a thesis etc.), data about the research that led to the elaboration of volume, if necessary.
  3. The unique character of the publication and how it differs from other publication on the market.
  4. The main works within the references, which have contributed significantly to the development of the volume as a paradigm, as methodology, as vision, ideas that you have argued or fought.
  5. Which are the main gaps (research gaps) in the knowledge within the domain of the volume to be published which determined its elaboration (if you have identified such gaps)?
  6. How do you believe that the domain in which you publish will evolve and how long do you think the information presented in the volume will be obsolete and outdated?
  7. How many books with similar content have you identified on the Romanian and international market that you used in the elaboration of the volume?