Procedures and Publishing Steps

Procedures to submit a manuscript

If you wish to participate to this selection invite you to send the following information via e-mail at

  • short presentation of the volume (approximately 3- 4 pages);
  • a table of contents (without page numbers) and references;
  • significant fragments from the volume, carefully selected by the author in order to be juried by Lumen Publishing House reviewers;
  • full version of the volume (requested only if the evaluated fragment has been accepted by reviewers)

The lack of any of the information mentioned above leads to stagnation of the editorial analysis by reviewers until the full existence of the required information. All required information is to be sent in a single e-mail.

Publishing steps

  • Signing the editorial contract
  • The complete final version of the volume after the author received and took into consideration the suggestions offered by our peer-reviewers;
  • Framing the volume;
  • Making the paging;
  • Making the cover;
  • Final correction of the text;
  • Giving ISBN
  • Printing the volume;
  • Sending the purchased copies to the author (s);
  • Promoting the book through the editorial catalogue, on the site and virtual library of the Lumen Publishing House;
  • Promoting the volume through press releases and reviews;
  • Web 2.0 promoting through programs such as: Google Books, Scribd, Youtube, Slideshare etc;
  • International distribution via on line bookstores (