Authors’ Benefits

Authors’ benefits within Lumen Scientific Program 

  • Free of Charge Publishing

Lumen Publishing offers publishing services at no cost to authors. In order for this system to be suitable for both author and publisher, the author is kindly invited to  purchase for at least 20 paper back or hard copies of his/her volume.

  • Discount on Book Purchases

Our authors are entitled to up to 35% discounts when purchasing copies of their own books, only from , using the discount code that will be provided to you at the publication.

  • Print on Demand

Our books are permanently stored in databases and printed at any time in the demanded and ordered quantities. Print to Order is a high-quality, innovative and ecological printing method. Print on Demand system implies that you book will be available online via an international distribution system, mostly via (online bookstore) and those who would like to buy your book will order it and will receive it on paper back copy.

  • Earn royalities

For the first 10 sold volumes, there cannot be royalities for author. After that, the author will receive 10% royalities from the amount that Lumen Publishing receives (that exclude the comission  retained by distribution chanels), exceept the books bought by author with discount.  Lumen Publishing reserve to itself  the right to produce a number of 20 volumes as complementary copies, for  free distributing to libraries and special gift to media, in order to promote the volume.

  • Unique ISBN

The final volume will have an international ISBN code, assigned by Lumen Publishing.

  • Institutional promotion;
  • Increase of public awareness;
  • Achievement and increase of personal brand;
  • Increase of self-esteem.