General Terms of Publishing

  • All required materials will be sent in a single e-mail to
  • Failure of any of the documents mentioned lead to impossibility of starting the analysis of volume by reviewers.
  • If Publisher will require completion of documents, authors are asked to resend all documents (including required) for proper functioning of the selection.
  • Collective volume should have a minimum of 200 pages in A5 format, and maximum 3 quest editors.
  • Volume publication is free, there is no copyright, and each author will command through contract a minimum of 10 volumes, the price of the volume is set according to the number of pages of the volume.
  •  Authors will receive a 30% discount of the market price of the book if the order will be made directly to the Lumen Publishing via , under a voucher which  will be provided to the authors after publication.
  • Author / authors who propose a volume for publication will receive as Guest editor a gratuity on publication of editorial and of an article. Language of the publication will be English.

Assessment and acceptance / rejection of material

All works proposed under this program are accepted after a peer review process. Evaluation will be done in order of receipt of the works.