Institutional Lumen Educational Program

Philosophy of the program

We address to all universities, colleges, research centres, educational centres, and other educational institutions that would like to disseminate their own researches.

We invite interested educational and research institutions to propose to publication courses, manuals, and many other materials produced by their own teaching staff or used in the teaching process in their institutions. In this case the institutions should hold the copyright of those materials.

Let’s start publishing YOUR works

Lumen Educational Program aims at promoting a high scientific level through publications of university courses; laboratory works; manuals and support courses for Training Programs; manuals for college education; auxiliary curricula for higher education and college; collections; methodological guides etc.

Peer review/selection process will be under responsibility of partner institutions.

Periodicity of Submitting:

There are expected proposals during the year. 

Lumen Educational Book Program includes publication of scientific works from following Collections and Domains

Procedures to submit a manuscript

Publishing steps

Institution’s benefits with Lumen Publishing

What else YOU should know!

In order to better promote your book you could choose a supplementary paid services, that consist in:

• Sending the volume on behalf of you institution to at least 20 university libraries around the world.

Those additional service will be charged accordingly with the volume purchase with a 50% discount, from the market.