Lumen Scientific Book Program

Philosophy of the program

Have you written a master thesis or a bachelor thesis? Would you like to publish your work and be recognized worldwide?
Are you a professor or academic who is wondering how to publish your scripts, lecture notes, thesis, dissertation or research?
If your answer is YES, then Lumen Publishing has the perfect offer for you!

Let’s start publishing YOUR work

Starting with 2012, Lumen Scientific Book Program is part of the Lumen Academic Program. Lumen Program Scientific Book aims at promoting a high level of culture through: monographs, treatises, scientific papers of great value, text books as personal scientific research results;

Periodicity of Submitting:

There are expected proposals during the year.

Lumen Scientific Book Program includes publication of scientific works from following Collections and Domains

Procedures to submit a manuscript and Publishing steps

Authors’ benefits with Lumen Publishing in Lumen Scientific Program

What else YOU should know!

In order to promote your book you could request to publisher provide you additional services. Those additional service will be charged accordingly with the volume purchase with a discount. The publisher will notify you the discount:

  • Sending the volume to at least 20 university libraries around the world.
  • Sending copies to a list of academics and /or colleagues  on author’s  behalf.