Promoting Young Researchers Program

Philosophy of the program

Are you a young researcher? Have you written a master thesis or a bachelor thesis? Would you like to publish your work and be recognized worldwide? Are you a professor or academic who is wondering how to publish your scripts, lecture notes, thesis, dissertation or research?

If your answer is YES, then Lumen Publishing has the perfect offer for you! Purpose: Promoting Young Researchers Program aims at promoting scientific excellence among young researchers. Objectives: The program focuses on annually informing the expert audience of a series of volumes according to the Editorial Plan, elaborated by young people in the country and abroad.

Let’s start publishing YOUR work

Starting with 2012, the Promoting Young Researchers Program is part of Lumen Academic Program. The Program of Promoting Young Researchers is launched starting with the real need of contemporary society, to promote youth and more specifically young people who excel in scientific and / or academic domains. Within this program so far we have issued books of young researchers from Romania, Republic of Moldova, Belgium, England, USA, France, and Netherlands.

All works proposed within this program are accepted after a peer review process.

Volume categories admitted to selection: monographs, treatises, doctoral theses, scientific papers of great value, dissertations or license works.

Periodicity of Submitting:

There are expected proposals during the year.

The program is addressed to young researchers, aged up to 35 years old, with works in the Domains and Collections.

Procedures to submit a manuscript and Publishing steps

Authors’ benefits with Lumen Publishing

What else YOU should know!

  • The volume or research proposed to editing must necessarily use international bibliography of reference, mainly in English with a share of at least 30% of total references, from which at least two titles are indicated to come from ISI publications. Citing books previously published in our Publishing House or articles published in scientific journals of Lumen is mandatory, and indicates the interest of the author in Lumen Publishing House and justifies his choice to publish his research.
  • The Promoting Young Researchers Program is more a selection rather then a contest. The works that meet the scientific standards necessary for publishing will be accepted by the reviewers committee in the limit of the Editorial Plan.
  • Evaluation and acceptance/ rejection of works will occur in order of the papers received, until the end of the Editorial Plan of the program and domain.