Fundamentele jurnalismului pentru adolescenti – Bogdan Baghiu, Tomita Ciulei, Antonio Sandu

Fundamentele jurnalism

Fundamentele jurnalismului pentru adolescenti/ Journalism Fundamentals for Adolescents (Romanian Version)
Authors: Bogdan BAGHIU, Tomita CIULEI, Antonio SANDU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 49

                   In contemporary society the media tends to become a competitive player more and more stronger on the educational market compared to the formulas of formal education. The exponential multiplication of methods of transmitting information in digital system has led to the creation of new forms of public mediation of the immediate reality. In terms of acceptance and assimilation of new communication technologies, the younger generation is a privileged class.

Bogdan Baghiu