Uniunea Europeana, Imperiile Antice si Imperiile Medievale – Antonescu Madalina

Uniunea Europeana

Uniunea Europeana, Imperiile Antice si Imperiile Medievale/ European Union, Ancient and Medieval Empires (Romanian Version)
Author: Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2008
No. pg. 567

                      The purpose of this paper (which can be classified under a political essay, but just as well can be considered a trans-historical study) is the comparison between the EU, as a type of post-modern empire, original, new, modern and the classical type empires (in which we included the empires of the ancient period and the medieval period). Of course, this is not a comparison between the EU and all ancient and medieval empires, considering the space but also because these empires follow in general, a certain pattern (in terms of the formation, founding principle, the organization of powers how to extend, the causes of decay) specific to martial empires (based, extended and fallen through the use of military methods).



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