Mircea Eliade once again – Cristina Scarlat

Mircea Eliade once again Cristina Scarlat

Mircea Eliade Once Again (Mixed Version- Romanian, English, French and Italian)
Author: Cristina Scarlat (coord.)
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2011
The present volume is a mosaic, an illustration of polemics and controversies generated by the life and work of Mircea Eliade. The texts gathered here under the titlul „Mircea Eliade once again” represent the interventions of authors to international conferences- Giovanni Casadio, Marcello De Martino, Cristina Scarlat, Ana Sanduloviciu, Traian Penciuc, fragments from monographs- Mac Linscott Ricketts, Mircea Handoca, chapters from PhD theses- Adrian Boldisor, or dissertations for master- Monica Domnari, personal interventions- Mihaela Gligor, Corneliu Craciun, Sabina Finaru. The book begins with a reconfiguration of the narative text of Eliade starting from his lyrical, art and televisual transpositions, an attempt to delineate the transition from figurative literary form of narrative to those from film, lyric and art.
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