Incursiune in contractele aleatorii. Renta viagera si intretinerea – Alexandra Huidu

Incursiune in contractele

Incursiune in contractele aleatorii. Renta viagera si intretinerea/ Foray into Contracts. Life Annuity and Maintanance (Romanian Version)
Author: Alexandra HUIDU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2006
No. pg. 290

                     This monography is devoted to the life annuity contract and maintenance contract is a valuable scientific work, of real originality, for the major institutions in civil law. We can distinguish the conscientiousness and depth of research undertaken by the author, which bases her analysis and scientific findings on a serious and extensive documentation, including not only treatment, training and monographs, but also relevant articles and studies published in professional journals and a relevant law courts, covering the doctrine and jurisprudence plan the attorney activities generated in recent years by the two contracts.

Associate Professor Dr. Codrin Macovei

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