Drepturile omului in Uniunea Europeana – Alice Apetrei


Alice Apetrei - Drepturile omului in UE - Editura Lumen
Alice Apetrei – Drepturile omului in UE – Editura Lumen

 Drepturile omului in Uniunea Europeana/ Human Rights in the European Union
Author: Alice Mariana Apetrei
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010
No. pg. 432

           This paper provides a notable analysis of European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights, aiming at presenting its history and the fundamental rights contained in this document emblematic for the European Union. The paper begins with an overview of the emergence of fundamental rights at EU level, starting with the presentation of the revolutionary decision of the Court of Justice in cases such as Internationale Handelsgesellschaft, Nold, Rutile, Hoechst, etc, through to a detailed analysis of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Thus, Fundamental rights inserted in the Charter are progressively analyzed and compared with the European Convention on Human Rights.


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