Despre Europa – Madalina Virginia Antonescu, Anamaria Boboc, Tomita Ciulei, Madalina Constantin, Paula-Daniela Gsngs, Victor Ionescu, Cristina-Maria Ladaru, Catalina Lomos, Ioana Manolescu, Daniel Maciuca, Iulia Elena Nanu, Antonio Stefan Sandu

Despre Europa

Despre Europa/ About Europe (Romanian Version)
Authors: Madalina Virginia ANTONESCU, Anamaria BOBOC, Tomita CIULEI, Madalina CONSTANTIN, Paula-Daniela GANGA, Victor IONESCU, Cristina-Maria LADARU, Catalina LOMOS, Ioana MANOLESCU, Daniel MACIUCA, Iulia Elena NANU, Antonio Stefan SANDU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2006

                      European integration process became irreversible for Romania and is on the one hand a natural opening, a real change in the face of Romania, on the other hand a challenge to a profound change in the news and base on which Romania is planning its future development. I think it is the role of young people to be the agents of change from citizens outside of Europe to Europe citizens equal to those in other countries. Romania’s European rise is a historical fact, but above all a matter of conscience.

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