Cercetari, studii si abordari in stiintele umaniste. Politologie – Manuela Paraipan, Simona Gabriela Sinzianu, Costica Dumbrava, Salomeea Romanescu, Timea Csetnek

Cercetari, studii politologie

Cercetari, studii si abordari in stiintele umaniste. Politologie/ Research, Studies and Approaches in the Human Science. Politology (Romanian Version)
Authori: Manuela PARAIPAN, Simona Gabriela SINZIANU, Costica DUMBRAVA, Salomeea ROMANESCU, Timea CSETNEK
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2006
No. pg. 177

Perspective on Human Rights: Manuela Paraipan
Modern political conflict: Simona Gabriela Sinzianu
Nations and Nationalism: Costica Dumbrava
Relations Between European Countries with countries from Central and Eastern Europe: Salomeea Romanescu
The role of cross-border cooperation in light of Romania’s integration into the European Union: Timea Csetnek


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