Adversus Heresis. Filosofie Crestina si dialog cultural – Tudor Ghideanu (coord.)

Adversus Haereses vol I

Adversus Heresis. Filosofie Crestina si dialog cultural/ Adversus Heresis. Christian Phylosophy and Cultural Dialogue (Romanian Version)
Author: Tudor GHIDEANU (coordonator)
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 657


With love I want to eat this Easter with you
Teoctist, the Patriarch of Romanian Orthodox Church
Phenomenology of living and Christian Love
Culture and Interculturalism: Romania in the new European cultural context
Sign and symbol in Christianity
Vade retro insipiente!
Prozelist sectarian phenomenon
Icon in Orthodoxy, the contribution of Romanian Painting
Renaissance and Theotokos
Theology of love

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