Working Papers Volume – 4th LUMEN International Scientific Conference Education, Quality and Sustainable Development, ESH 2017, 22-23 noiembrie 2017, Bucuresti, Romania

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Working Papers Volume – 4th LUMEN International Scientific Conference Education, Quality and Sustainable Development, ESH 2017, 22-23 noiembrie 2017, Bucuresti, Romania 

Director: Antonio SANDU

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LUMEN EDU International Scientific Conference – Education, Quality & Sustainable Development (LUMEN ESH2017) este dedicată exclusiv științei educației, facilitând dialogul între cadre universitare, cercetători / absolvenți, cadre didactice preuniversitare, cadre didactice auxiliare, formatori, masteranzi și doctoranzi în domeniul educației.

Domenii de interes:

  • Educational policies
    • Trends and good practices in contemporary education (at preschool, school, university and postgraduate level)
    • Paradigms of contemporary education
    • Quality assurance in education
    • Educational management
    • Reform, change and innovation in education
    • Formal, non-formal and informal education in the context of contemporary educational policies and practices
    • Self-education and permanent education
    • Sport in the 3rd millennium

    2.Initial and Continuing Teacher Training
    • Mentoring and Coaching in Teacher Training
    • Professionalization of the teaching career
    • Training of trainers

    3.Psychology of education
    • Psychopedagogy of ages
    • Educating pupils with special educational needs
    • Education of gifted children
    • School learning
    • Experential learning
    • Psycho-pedagogical knowledge of the pupil/child

    4.Counseling theories and practices in education
    • Educational counseling
    • Vocational / professional / career counseling
    • Psycho-pedagogical counseling
    • Counseling for personal development
    • Psychosocial counseling
    • Counseling and psychological assistance in sport and Kinetotherapy

    5.Fields of pedagogy
    • General Pedagogy / Fundamentals of Pedagogy / General Theory of Education
    • Theory and methodology of training / General didactics
    • Curriculum Theory and Methodology
    • Theory and Methodology of Pedagogical Research
    • Sociology of education (Social pedagogy, Family pedagogy, Labor pedagogy, Media pedagogy, etc.)
    • Pedagogy of Art
    • Philosophical Pedagogy (Philosophy of Education)
    • Anthropological pedagogy

    6.Specialized didactics
    • Didactics of the discipline
    • Didactics of curricular area
    • Physical education pedagogy
    • Sport pedagogy
    • The new education

    7.E-Learning and Software in Education
    • Distance learning
    • e-Learning technologies
    • Projects and e-Learning experiences
    • e-Tutoring & Mentoring
    • e-Learning for sustainable development


1. Influence of Manual Therapies in LumbarDisc Herniation – A Case Study
2. Strategy of Motric Programs – a Form of Action in the Inclusive Education
3. Causes of School Violence and Possible Remedies
4. Career Development and Professional Success through Mentoring
5. The Analyze of the Rugby Game Result Throught Rate of the Territorial Domination and Ball Posesion
6. Organizing the Swimming Traineeship by Using Coaching Methods
Valeria BĂLAN, Anna MariaION
7. Is the Improvement of the Employee Motivation Process truly an Organisational Objective?!
Ramona – Cristina BĂLĂNESCU
8. Building an Identitythrough Sports Career
9. Online Training for the Teachers, Case Study in Republic of Macedonia
10. Sustaining Development via ESP classes through Spoken Activities
Irina Ioana BOCIANU
11. Changing Perspectives on Intellectual Disability through Unified Sports
12. Reflections on the Quality of Teachers’ Training
Viorica – Torii CACIUC
13. The Importance of Ethics in our Economic Choices. Consequences and Solutions
14. Curricular Practices for Developing Creative Behavior of Students
Felicia CEAUŞU
15. Actual Playing Time in the Senior Football Championship of Romania, League I
Sorin Mirel CIOLCĂ, Gheorghe GRIGORE, Tudor PALADE
16. For the Reflexive Quality of Scientific Teaching
Jean Pierre CLERO
17. Education and Cognitive Neuroscience
18. The Role of Active Technologies in Stimulating Students to Practice Physical Activities
Germina COSMA, Dragoş CIUVĂŢ, Dorina ORŢĂNESCU, Ligia RUSU, Eliana LICĂ
19. Socio-Emotional Skills in Early Education – between Reality and Expectations
Monica COSTE
20. Analysis of the Functioning Structure of Education from the Computer Science Perspective
Gabriela CRISTEA, Ionuţ-Constantin MANOLE
21. Leisure Time Preferences of 6-14 Years Old Scholars. Case Study: School no.193, Bucharest
22. The Romanian Grammar – Tradition and/or Innovation?
23. Futsal Player Rehabilitation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
Cosmin DAMIAN, Mirela DAMIAN
24. The Role of Educational Measures for Juvenile Offenders in Forensic Psychiatry
Simona Irina DAMIAN, Diana BULGARU ILIESCU, Ancuţa ROHOZNEANU, Alexandru GLODEANU, Mădălina DIAC, Sofia DAVID, Iuliana HUNEA
25. The Relevance of Continuous Training Programmes Dedicated for Teachers from Pre-university Education
Luminiţa Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU, Ana-Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Ioana STĂNCESCU, Laura Monica GORGHIU
26. Political Economy of Forest Ecology in Sierra Leone: A focus on the Western Area Peninsular Forest (WAPFoR)
Emerson Abraham JACKSON
27. The Collaboration between Church and School for the Integral Development of the Student
Ionut Adrian GHIBANU
28. Present and Perspectives in the Teachers’ Continuous Professional Training in Romania
Roxana Constanta ENACHE , Ana-Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Gabriel GORGHIU, Luminita Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU
29. Integration of New Technology in Learning History
Cristina-Iulia GÎLĂ
30. Teachers’ Perceptions on the Relevance of Specific Health Education Topics in School
Gabriel GORGHIU, Claudia Lavinia BURULEANU, Laura Monica GORGHIU, Daniela AVRAM
31. The Role of IBSE Strategy and RRI Dimensions in Science Education
Laura Monica GORGHIU
32. The Controversy regarding the Content of the Right to Reproduction or the Danger of an Anarchy of Reproduction
Alexandra HUIDU
33. Intrinsic and Positive Security Distance Control for Equipment Working in Explosive Potential Atmospheres
Gabriel ILCEA, Ionut-Alin POPA, Emil POP
34. Influence of Tarahumara Technique on the Biomechanics of Running
Corina IVAN
35. Digital Storytelling in Education: Theoretical Considerations, Benefits and Good Practices
36. Towards the use of Digital Storytelling for the Development of the Concept of Parallel Processing by K-12 students.
Maria KORDAKI, PanagiotisKAKAVAS
37. Fundamentals of Education in Knowledge Society: Theoretical Forecast
Alexander O. KARPOV
38. The Impact and Benefits of Actual Information Technology in Inclusive Education
39. Disseminating Issues Related to Green Energy to Young People and Their Teachers during European Researchers’ Night Event
Gabriela MĂNTESCU, Gabriel GORGHIU, Laura Monica GORGHIU
40. MOOCs and Internationalization of Higher Education: Making Sense of the Future
Loredana MANASIA
41. The Education and Quality Assurance Management – the Impact on Policies to Training of Contemporary Human Profile
Simona Mioara MARIN
42. The Role of Culture in Cooperative Learning: the Case of Danish University Students
Miruna Luana MIULESCU
43. Performance Behavior of the Teams Participating In the 2017 Eurobasket
Alina Daniela MOANŢĂ, Iulian Gabriel GHIŢESCU, Alin Mihăiţă SĂFTEL
44. Secure Attachment in the Classroom – a Key to Optimize Learning
Irina Teodora MOŢĂŢĂIANU
45. The Five Stages of Moral Education
Valentin MUREŞAN
46. Recognition, Validation, and Certification of Nonformal and Informal Learning for Romanian Teachers
Mirela-Cristina NEGREANU, Loredana MANASIA, Andrei PÂRVAN
47. How Can Robotics Contribute to STE(A)M Learning?
Paul Ciprian PATIC, Gabriel GORGHIU
48. Quantitative and Qualitative in Measuring Quality of Life in Sports
Mihaela PĂUNESCU, Vasilica GRIGORE, Georgeta MITRACHE, Alexandra PREDOIU
49. Two Solutions for Quality Assurance in Teaching Romanian Language – Unitary Content and an Official Grammar of the Romanian Language
Cipriana-Elena PEICA
50. Innovative Approaches of the Contemporary World Problems in Non-formal Educational Contexts
Ana-Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Gabriel GORGHIU, Laura Monica GORGHIU, Ioana STĂNCESCU
51. Promoting Ethics and Integrity in Sport: the Romanian Experience in Whistleblowing
52. Group Dynamics in Handball Teams – the Importance of Intellectual Abilities or How to Become the Informal Leader
Alexandra PREDOIU, Radu PREDOIU, Georgeta MITRACHE, Vasilica GRIGORE, Mihaela PĂUNESCU
53. Overview of Communicative Approach in Second Language Acquisition In Regard to the Skill- Speaking
54. Comparative Study on Approaching Inclusive Physical Education from the Perspective of Alternative Pedagogies
Alina-Gabriela RUSĂNESCU, Ana-Maria SORA, Marius STOICESCU
55. Cognitive and Emotional Dimensions in the Context of Implementing Specific Responsible Research and Innovation Aspects in Science Lessons
Elena Ancuta SANTI, Gabriel GORGHIU
56. Metacognition – A Premise for a Qualitative Academic Learning
Ioana STĂNCESCU, Luminiţa Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU, Ana Maria Aurelia PETRESCU
57. The Creative Education Philosophy: Pleading for Romanian Excellence
58. Learning theFreestyle Swimmingat Physical Education and Sport Subject in the Higher Education of other profiles
Elena – Diana SIMA
59. Learning of Breaststroke Swimming Style at Physical Education and Sport Subject in the Higher Education of other Profiles
Elena-Diana SIMA
60. Cheating is in the Eye of the Beholder – Different Perceptions on Academic Dishonesty Prevalence and Motives
61. The Importance of Electronic Devices in Development Juniors Tennis Players Performance
62. Study on Implementation and Development of Majorettes Sports in Romania
Silvia Alexandra STROESCU
63. Modern Teacher
Petruţa-Raluca SUDITU, Cătălina-Elena VÎLCEA, Daniela-Georgeta POPESCU
64. A Survey on IoT in Education
Ana-Maria SUDUC, Mihai BÎZOI, Gabriel GORGHIU
65. Culture in Special Education
Aliona TIHON
66. Continuous Education and Training of Specialists in Supervision in Social Work
Elena UNGURU, Antonio SANDU
67. Emotional Challenges of a Parent Caring for a Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Child
68. The Importance of Modern Strategies for Teaching-Learning Mathematics, in the Context of Solving Problems Paradigm
Georgiana VELICU
69. Higher Education Campus Remodeling of First to Third Age Group Undergraduate Students
Cristina-Georgiana VOICU

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