Studies and Current Trends in Science of Education. ICSED 2016 – Otilia CLIPA, Constantin-Florin DOMUNCO (coordonatori)

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Otilia CLIPA, Constantin Florin DOMUNCO (coordonatori) LUMEN – Copyright © 2016 – Colecția CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS FORMAT: Tipărit         PAGINI: 322          LIMBA: Engleza ISBN:  978-973-166-435-4 e-ISBN: 978-973-166-475-0 INDEXATA IN: CEEOL, RePEc

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Otilia CLIPA, Constantin Florin DOMUNCO (coordonatori)

LUMEN – Copyright © 2016 – Colecția CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS

FORMAT: Tipărit         PAGINI: 322          LIMBA: Engleza

ISBN:  978-973-166-435-4 e-

ISBN: 978-973-166-475-0



Volumul intitulat ,,Studies and Current Trends in Science and Education”, coordonat de Otilia Clipa si Constantin Florin Domunco, a fost publicat ca urmare a celei de a XIV-a editii a conferintei stiintifice internationale International Conference on Sciences of Education. Learning for Life, care a avut loc in perioada 12-13 mai 2016 in Suceava, Romania si Cernauti, Ucraina, organizata de Universitatea Ştefan cel Mare din Suceava, România.

Domenii de interes:

  • educatie
  • sociologia educatiei
  • educatie de etica
  • management educational
  • educatie formala
  • educatie antreprenoriala


Psychology of Education & Educational Counseling

  • Aspects Regarding Teaching Staff’s Motivation and Satisfaction – From Theory to Practice Ramona – Cristina BĂLĂNESCU – pp. 11-20
  • Affective Consquences of Emotion Regulation Liliana BUJOR – pp. 21-31
  • Universality and Variability in Infant Attachment Marius MARICI – pp. 32-40
  • The Need of Educational Counselling in the Early Childhood Education to Optimize the School Adaptation Process Gianina-Ana MASSARI, Alina-Elena VASILESCU – pp. 41-56
  • Motivation in Students’ Professional Options Mihaela Păişi LĂZĂRESCU – pp. 57-64
  • The Social Representation of Psychologist among High-school and University Students Bogdan POPOVENIUC – pp. 65-78
  • Metacognitive and Affective Strategies Structures for Higher Education Elena RĂILEAN – pp. 79-86
  • Emotional and Social Learning – Optimization and Training Strategies Maria Magdalena STAN – pp. 87-98

Education in contemporary world

  • Equity and Inclusion inside the School Environment. Perceptions of Students and Teachers from the County of Suceava Elena BUJOREAN – pp. 99-108
  • Aesthetic Education – Reassessment of the Aims and Principles of Achievement Constantin CUCOŞ – pp. 109-120
  • Highlights for the Construction of a Didactic Discourse Focused on the Learning Subject in “Kung Fu Panda” Animation Constantin Florin DOMUNCO – pp. 121-130
  • Building and Developing a Teachers’ Community Based on the PROFILES Science Education Network Gabriel GORGHIU, Laura Monica GORGHIU – pp. 131-138
  • (Un)learnt Educational Reforms Lessons – the Republic of Moldova Compulsory Education Hidden Costs Andrei PÂRVAN – pp. 139-148
  • The Role of Universities in Development and Consolidation of the Cultural Dimension in a Europe of Knowledge Nadia Laura SERDENCIUC – pp. 149-162
  • Axiological Dimension of Exercising Professional Roles by the Teaching Staff According to the Pedagogue George Văideanu, Liliana STAN – pp. 163-174

Educational pluralism in the knowledge society

  • Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development on Actual Educational ICT Issues, in the Frame of the ProWeb Project Gabriela Alina ANGHEL, Ana Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Gabriel GORGHIU – pp. 175-184
  • Educational Impact upon Social Sustainable Development Daniela NEAMŢU, Daniela BURAC – pp. 185-196
  • A Few Landmarks regarding the Promotion of Cultural Diversity in Higher Education in the Context of a Sustainable Regional Development Nadia Laura SERDENCIUC – pp. 197-212
  • The Informative-Formative Value of the Strategies based on the Practical Action – Modeling Teaching Sofia Loredana TUDOR – pp. 213-222
  • Physical Activity during School – Strategy for Preventing Obesity Oana NECHITA (ATOMEI) – pp. 223-236
  • Quality of Training and its Consequences in the Education System Roxana ENACHE, Alina CRIŞAN – pp. 237-242

Methodology for curricular areas

  • The Evaluation – an Essential Component of the Teaching Approach in the Romanian Language and Literature Classes Cristina Loredana BLOJU – pp. 243-254
  • Study Regarding the Improvement of the Teaching-Learning Process in Primary Schools Through Innovation in Educational Design Alina CRIŞAN, Roxana ENACHE – pp. 255-264
  • Canonical Authors Studied in High School – Patriarchal and Anchronistic Gender Education? Nicoleta FOLTEA – pp. 265-282
  • Perspectives of Initial Training and Continuing Development of Teachers in Primary Education- a Comparative Analysis Ancuţa FRANŢ – pp. 283-290
  • Flipped Classroom – Modernization Strategy of Teaching-Learning Process in Higher Education Mihai STANCIU – pp. 291-300
  • Educational Resources – Functional Elements of the Educational Environment at Early Age Sofia Loredana TUDOR – pp. 301-310
  • New Orientations in the Evaluation of Psychical Development and Academic Achievements at Early Ages Maria Magdalena STAN – pp. 311-322

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