Lumen Association was established in 2001 in an effort to promote social and personal development of individuals, unfolding various activities with social character, cultural, educational and humanitarian. In Lumen Association were created over time more centers as: Organizational Development Center, Muldimensional Education Center, Transpersonal Research and Religions Philosophy Center, Research-Action Center, Lumen Research Center in Social and Humanistic Science accredited by CNCS and Training and Consultance Center accredited by CNFPA, Resource Center on Social Assistance, the Editorial Center represented by Lumen Publishing House.

Lumen Publishing House supported scientific research and cultural excellence, as evidenced by the appearance of numerous volumes presenting results of scientific research, valuable culture books with a high impact on readers, the support for the appearance of national and international famous publications. Lumen Publishing House support the personal and professional people rising. As an example we can refer to our most authors who have published in the Lumen Publishing House, proven by the continuous return to us a large number of authors published by Lumen.
Lumen Association training programs conducted in the social, cultural, educational and support person-centered on excellence and assessment help him on its development. Also specialists in the Lumen Association provides, on request, consulting support those wishing to engage in areas close to those conducted by the Lumen Association through our centers.
Lumen Publishing House publish in the following areas:

1. Philosophy and Humanities (Philosophy, Logic, Semiotics, Aesthetics, History and Letters)
2. Law and Legal Sciences
3. Social Science (Psychology of Education Sciences, Social Sociology, Mass Communication)
4. Economic and Administrative Sciences
5. Political Science and European Studies

Lumen Publishing is part of the editorial consortium between Lumen Association and SC Lumen Media SRL.