Mihălcioiu, Larisa Delia

Larisa Delia MIHĂLCIOIU is a PhD Student at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, doctoral thesis in economic domain. Name of the doctoral thesis is “Sustainable development of agri-food trade‟‟. I have graduated Faculty of Agri-food and Environmental Economics. In this moment I work at National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest, in the Direction of Structural Statistics of the Enterprise. I have participated in numerous conferences and publishing journal articles: “The evolution of Romanian agri food trade after EU accession‟‟ to Supplement of Quality-Access to Success Journal, “Non wood forest products obtained in the Romanian forestry sector. Production potential and valuation‟‟; “Promoting Romanian agrifood products‟‟; “The relations between large retail chains and fruits and vegetables producers in Romania‟‟ in CAFEE Conferences.

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