Liliana Luminiţa Todorescu

Liliana-Luminiţa Todorescu (born in 1977) earned her PhD in Education Sciences from the University of Bucharest and pursues a career in technical higher education as a Lecturer for the Department of Teaching Staff Training within University Politehnica of Timişoara. Main research areas: pedagogy; academic pedagogy, communication; quality assurance in education, reform of European higher education system. Amongst the latest works published: A Guidebook on Best Practices for Technical Higher Education; Teaching Education Groups (in collaboration), Politehnica Publishing House, Timişoara, 2007; On Teaching Guidelines (in collaboration) Politehnica Publishing House, Timişoara, 2007; On Bologna Process in Romania. Research, Analysis and Decision-Making. A study on Technical Higher Education, published by Eurobit, Timişoara, 2010.

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