Gabriela Soare

Gabriela Soare – My research career started as early as the time when I was a student at Valahia University in Târgovişte and I studied at the Faculty of Legal, Social and Political Sciences, the study program, the Primary and Pre[1]school Education Pedagogy, the way of communication the teaching stuff in the education both primary and pre-school, for the correct acquisition of pre-school speech, with the help of didactic play. My research then diversified into other areas, namely management, which I completed in 2010 as part of the Master’s program in Organizational Management, and in 2015 we completed a research on communication in musical educational management, at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the same University of Valahia, within the Master of Music Education program. At present I am a professor in pre-university education and during my 28 years of teaching I have written articles and specialized studies which I have supported and published in various National Symposia, but also books whose author, or co-author I am.

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