Elena Aurelia Botezat

Elena Aurelia Botezat – PhD in Economics, Professor of Management, Department of Management-Marketing, University of Oradea, Romania. Particular interests are in strategic management, relationship marketing and management, research for creative and service industries and its role in 90 regional growth and development. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Oradea, Romania (2004-2012), Head of Management and Marketing Department (1997-2004). Author or (co)author of 8 books and 80 scientific papers, manager or expert in 14 research-development EU projects. Recent publication: An Exploration of Circular Economy Practices and Performance Among Romanian Producers, Sustainability, Vol. 10 (9), 3191; Sept. 2018, ISSN (electronic) 2071-1050, DOI: 10.3390/su10093191.

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