Dan Vasiliu

Dan Vasiliu – PhD. Student, Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University, Chisinau. Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Hyperion University, Bucharest. Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor in short psychotherapies, collaborative and solutions-focus. Author of more than 14 chapters and articles including: Psychometric Properties for The Dispositional Resilience Scale DRS15; Psychometric Properties for the General Self-Efficacy Scale SES; Psychometric Properties for the Sense of Coherence Scale SOC13; The Model of Interaction between Optimism, Locus of Control and Hardiness; Correlations between Self-Efficacy and Sense of Coherence; Correlations between Locus of Control and Hardiness; Correlations between Hardiness and Sense of Coherence; Sense of Coherence and Personality Disorders.

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