Camelia Voicu

Phd. Camelia Delia Voicu has a degree in Social Work and one in Psychology, with postgraduate specialization in Educational Counseling and Public Administration (Master’s level) and family psycho-sociology (PhD level). Her professional experience of over fifteen years included educational activities and psycho-pedagogical assistance for preschool, primary and secondary school pupils, assessment and social care of children with disabilities, development, implementation and coordination of social and educational projects and training of social workers and teacher . Her scientific concerns focus on psychosocial processes and phenomena in the sphere of education, family and culture. Her most recent publications include: scientific articles published as author and co-author in national and international journals: Parent`s for Children`s Rights Education, Coaching and Mentoring Bachelor’s Degree Programs in for Social Workers and Teachers, Sustainable Education through the Development of New Educations. Role of School Management, Effects of the Motor Stimulation Programs on the Development of Children with Down Syndrome.

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