Bogdan Constantin Neculau

Bogdan Constantin Neculau is Ph.D. lecturer at the Teachers‘ Training Department of the Psychology and Education Sciences, ―Alexandru Ioan Cuza‖ University from Iasi. He graduated at the same university, both The Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, at the same university, and was awarded Ph. D in Education Sciences (2007), with a thesis on the actuality of the Christian pedagogical ideas of the IIth – VIth centuries. He teaches courses on training methodology and theory, evaluation methodology and theory, communication, management, curriculum methodology and theory and introduction in pedagogy to the students who would like to pursue a career in teaching. Between 2010-2016, Mr. Bogdan Constantin Neculau was a school inspector within Iasi County School Inspectorate and since 2012 he is a a member of ―Alexandru Ioan Cuza‖ Iasi University Senate. Since 2018 he is the coordinator of the UAIC Learning Center, a competitive ROSE project funded by the World Bank. He has published a series of articles and studies in the area of General Didactics, Christian Pedagogy and Teacher Training. He is a reviewer of scientific committee of numerous conferences and scientific events that have been organized within the university and pre-university environment.

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