Andreea Anișoara Bondar

Andreea Anișoara Bondar – I graduated the courses of Philosophy University in Suceava, I have a master degree in the domain of philosophy, named: “ Global studies. Culture and communication.” I am a Humanities and Social Sciences teacher since2008 and I would like to broaden my research by the thoroughness of data”s perception of a newphilosophy specific to the twenty-first century.Domains of interest are: Logics, Philosophy, Sociology,Entrepreneurial Education, Psychology, in the light ofwhich I could comprehensively know the human being, in his entireplenitude.The new technologies have deeply revolutionized the man, finding himself, as a pillar in the progress or downgrade of the science. Itcan be related the way of a depth perception of a new world, of a new life which have suffered from major changes through our transposition in the on-line area, without conceiving it.

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