2020 Call for papers, reviewers & guest editors for 2020 Issues of Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences Journal

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Call for papers, reviewers & guest editors for 2020 Issues of
Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences Journal

(an Open Access Journal, identified with DOI, CrossREf)

Submit a paper for evaluation |

The editorial team of LUMEN Social Sciences Journal/ Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences Journal and LUMEN Publishing House has the privilege to invite scholars around the world to publish their research papers on social sciences and related fields, in our journal, in 2020.

The journal addresses the academic community across the world, especially expressing its openness for promoting young researchers.

LUMEN Social Sciences Journal has a multidisciplinary orientation and publishes theoretical and practical papers covering topics from the universe of social sciences:

  • sociology, anthropology;
  • culture and life, applied philosophy, psychology.
  • communication studies, communication theories;
  • journalism, journalistic communication, media business;
  • education theory, educational policies, early education, pre-university education, higher education, adult education, educational psychology, educational management, teacher training, educational counseling and career, education’s economics;

An empirical research article or a theoretical article must contain a minimum of 20 bibliographic sources and a maximum of 50. At least 25% of the sources used should be from Web of Science indexed journals.

For a literature review article it is imperative to use 50 to 100 bibliographic sources, of which at least 25% should be from Web of Science indexed journals. The article should contain specific and expressly stated criteria for structuring the literature review

All papers will be submitted on the journal’s platform, at:
https://lumenpublishing.com/journals/index.php/lumenss/user/register (create an account and submit your paper).

The papers that will not be submitted on the platform will not be taken into consideration. Waiting time until the first answer from the reviewers: between 30 – 90 days, depending on the topics.

All the papers should comply with the author’s guideline and the guideline for publication ethics.
The LUMEN Social Sciences Journal appears in Golden Open Access system, so the authors and/or their affiliation institutions are kindly required to pay open access fees (only for finally accepted for publication articles). The open-access fee allows to any interested person to have access to the papers.
There are no other publication fees for publishing in the journal. However, particular editorial services such as: subscribing to a LUMEN conference, copy-editing of References, supplementary evaluations of similarities after review – can be offered under author’s request, but their costs are not covered in the open access fee.

The authors who cannot afford the open access fee have the possibility to apply to the LUMEN bursary system that can totally or partially cover the open access fee. Granting this bursary is at the discretion of LUMEN Editorial Committee who will take into consideration the scientific value of the paper, the geographical belongingness of the authors, the scientific value of the authors (H factor of previous published papers of the author) and, of course, the availability of the LUMEN Publishing House’s budget.
The LUMEN Social Sciences Journal is covered in ERIH PLUS, CEEOL, Index Copernicus, J- GATE, CrossRef, CrossCheck, Google Scholar, Ideas RePeC, Econpapers, Socionet, KVK, WorldCat.
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Become a reviewer for LUMEN Social Sciences Journal |
The scholars interested in serving as reviewer or in the Scientific Committee of the LUMEN Social Sciences journal are kindly asked to subscribe to the journal and select the option to be reviewer on our platform, at: https://lumenpublishing.com/journals/index.php/lumenss/user/register and send an email to edituralumen@gmail.com that contains an Intention Letter and a CV of the potential reviewer / scientific committee member.

In order to be accepted as reviewer, the applicant must have a PhD in one of the fields from Social Sciences or at least to be a PhD candidate in these fields.

For being listed in the Scientific Committee of the journal, a reviewer should have a PhD in the above-mentioned fields and have previously published at least two articles in indexed in WoS journals, including PO or other LUMEN journals, and have a WoS H factor at least 2.

The reviewers or the Scientific Committee members will act voluntarily for the journal (no retribution will be paid from the part of LUMEN Publishing House), but they will receive LUMEN credits that could further be used for obtaining a discount in publication in all LUMEN journals

LUMEN Social Sciences Call for Guest Editors| 
The scholars who want to serve as Guest Editors for a special or normal issue of the Journal are invited to send us a proposal of an issue topic (that should match the general topic of the journal) and a description of the issue (the estimated topics of the articles and the number of articles that are estimated to be published in the issue).

If the issue is the result of a conference, then the proposal should include the organizer of the conference, the location, date and the estimated number of participants at the conference, the estimated number of the papers that intend to be published (no more than 25 and no less than 15 per issue).

The guest editor will manage the process of acceptance of the papers for the special issue and the peer review process, assisted by a designated LUMEN editor. The acceptance process as well as the peer review process will take place on the LUMEN platform, if the editorial contract will not mention otherwise.

The LUMEN editor reserves the right to refuse one or more articles that don‘t fully respect the editorial or ethical guidelines of our journal, including avoiding plagiarism, clear statements concerning ethics on human subjects research and so on.

The special issue containing at least 15 papers could benefit of a discount of open access fee for the guest editor and/or for some or all the papers, according to the negotiations between the LUMEN committee and the guest editor.
The guest editor will receive credits for his/her activity.

In order to be qualified as guest editor, a scholar should have PhD in the field of the special issue and at least 4 H factor in WoS for educational/social sciences field or at least 2 H factor for other fields.
If the issue is the result of a conference, the journal and LUMEN Publishing House should be included in the partnership of the conference.

Happy to help. Inquiries | 
For supplementary information about publishing in RREM journal please contact us at: edituralumen@gmail.com or see our journal at: https://lumenpublishing.com/journals/index.php/lumenss/index

Author: Editura Științifică LUMEN