Themes in the Contemporary British Novel by Women – Ileana Botescu Sireteanu


Themes in the Contemporary British Novel by Women (English Version)
Author: Ileana Botescu SIRETEANU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 133

                Faced with a world where it is impossible to resist, let alone oppose diversity and diference, where notions such as tolerance, multiculturalism, interdisciplinarity have becomekey concepts, we are actually in the position to reconsider and redefine our own experience of the world and in the world and to question centuries of philosophical and scientific certainties; we are in the postmodern condition. On close analysis, all definitions of postmodernism, as different and numerous as they are, do actually revolve around two basic perspectives on the present-day state of affairs or what we have grown accustomed to call postmodernism. One, that I would call oversimplifying polarizes the negativistic features of the phenomenon, focusing exclusively on its potential of completely rejecting the previous systems, values, norms and concepts. The other goes further and exposes postmodernism as ability to understand differences.

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