The Media Coverage of The Romanian Revolution – Andreea Maierean

The media coverage

The Media Coverage of The Romanian Revolution (English Version)
Author: Andreea Raluca   MAIEREAN
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2006
No. pg. 95

                        This thesis focuses on the December 1989 Revolution that ended the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceau?escu in Romania. The research question explores the specificity and the consequences of the live coverage of the Revolution. In order to test, whether the television informed and mobilised people and, at the same time, legitimate the uprising, an empirical examination of the broadcast is conducted. The method chosen to study the speeches of the revolutionists is discourse analysis. The major findings are that the broadcast contributed to the victory of democratic forces by informing about the current situation, by legitimating the revolution and by mobilizing the population.

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