Somajul. Anxietatea si frustratia la persoanele somere – Corina Cochinescu


Somajul. Anxietatea si frustratia la persoanele somere/ Unemployment. Anxiety and Frustration of Unemployed Persons (Romanian Verion)
Author: Corina COCHINESCU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2005
No. pg. 150

                  The volume presents a theoretical approach on issues of social psychological problems of unemployment, focusing on the phenomena of anxiety and frustration. In the contents of the book is found a practical research on the correlation between unemployment and incidence of anxiety and frustration in unemployed people. Individual reactions to unemployment as a situation of life, as it is normal, vary from one individual to another depending on social group membership, age, gender, family, social responsibility and, not least, the psychological structure of the person.

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