Puterea Statelor Unite ale Americii in plan global – Adriana Vasile

Puterea statelor

Puterea Statelor Unite ale Americii in plan global/ The Power of the Unite States of America Globally (Romanian Version)
Author: Adriana VASILE 
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 107

                  The present study aims, in particular, the developments in the historical period after the Second World War. However, the paper considers to expose the main theories, explanations and current and emerging ideas developed in this period in American literature and in the European economic area, international relations and geopolitics, but also the official positions of national institutions, regional and international. It is important to state that the purpose of present paper is not to assess the good or bad, actions, positions and attitudes of actors-states, institutions or persons referred to.


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