Pruncucidere – Daniel Vasile, Ionut Ciprian Dascalu


Pruncucidere/ Infanticide (Romanian Version)
Authori: Daniel VASILE, Ionut Ciprian DASCALU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2008
No. pg. 111

               Infanticide is the crime that contradicts the sacred duty and maternal instinct of breeding, as long as, eros as a form of self-preservation instinct, is the most natural and accessible way to get out of the instability and temporality of death and aspire to the transcendency, with fear, hunger and defense, forms of the same instinct of preservation (Noica). At the same time, infanticide is also the most monstrous crime because is aimed at a fragile being – fruit of eroticism – and on a defenseless person. In antiquity, infanticide was punished as severely as any murder.

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