Prevenirea si sanctionarea violentei domestice prin normele dreptului penal – Diana Loredana Hogas

Prevenirea si sanctionarea violentei domestice prin normele dreptului penal/ Prevention and Sanctioning of Domestic Violence through Penology (Romanian Version)
Author: Diana Loredana HOGAS
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010

                 Domestic violence is a universal phenomenon present everywhere, from the smallest human settlements to the greatest cities, from emergent countries to the developed ones. Domestic violence is a myth or a phenomenon of significant size. We “hear it” daily in mass-media, we face with it on the street in fugitive captured scenes, and sometimes enters in our homes due to very thin walls of apartment blocks, as a cruel reality, that we can not accept, but that we can control it on a small scale as individuals.
                The extent of family violence is currently one of the most serious social problems facing contemporary societies, including Romania. Present in all forms of aggression (maltreatment of partners, abuse against children, parents, elders or other relatives, incest, rape, etc..), this form of violence is added to the wave of aggression exercised outside the family, thus contributing to a social climate dominated by anxiety, fear and pain.

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