Lumen Program Scientific Book

Philosophy of the program
Starting with 2012, Lumen Program Scientific Book is part of the Lumen Academic Program.

Lumen Program Scientific Book aims at promoting a high level of culture through: monographs, treatises, theses, scientific papers of great value, including dissertation or license works.

The period of selection of papers occurs between January and June.

The books selected will be proposed for financing by ANCS (National Authority for Scientific Research) depending on the specific of the volume and in agreement with the financing methodology of ANCS for that year.

The edition proposed to publishing contains 500-1000 copies depending on both the authors’ opinion and the impact estimation made by our specialists. The results of the pre-selection will be made public after ANCS publishes the methodology for subsidizing technical scientific literature.

Domains: Within Lumen Program Scientific Book, in agreement with the methodology of ANCS for the program „Subsidizing technical scientific literature”, the domains accepted by Lumen Publishing House are:

  • Social and Humanistic Sciences: history and cultural studies.
  • Philosophy, theology and religious studies.
  • Philology: Romanian language and literature, foreign language and literature.
  • Law and legal sciences.
  • Economy, political sciences, European studies.
  • Social sciences: sociology, social work, psychology, education, communication.

Conditions for participation, besides the general ones of Lumen Publishing House that you will find here.

The autors who wish to participate to this selection must send the following information via e-mail at

  •  a short presentation of the volume (approximately 3- 4 pages);
  • 2 referencee for the proposed volume (optional);
  • the summary/ content of the proposed volume;
  • significant fragments from the volume, carefully selected by the author in order to be juried by both Lumen Publishing House reviewers and A.F.C.N. experts; 
  • the full version of the volume proposed for financing;
  • a statement on the author’s responsibility regarding the copyrights of the volume;
  • a statement according to which the volume is already fully completed and has not been published elsewhere and that it has not been submitted simultaneously for publication to another publishing house in this country or abroad;
  • to avoid double financing from public funds, authors who have volumes within doctoral or posdoctoral programs will send a statement according to which they have not previously published significant parts of this volume, including in scientific journals or paper works presented at conferences, whose appearance was subsidized from public funds;
  • in case of acceptance towards financing, the author must agree for the transfer of copyright to the publisher through copies of the volume.

The full version of the volume proposed for financing will not be sent to A.N.C.S., it will just be analyzed by Lumen Publishing House reviewers. Please note that Lumen Publishing House guarantees confidentiality over unpublished manuscripts!

Lack of any of the information mentioned above leads to stagnation of the editorial analysis by reviewers until the full existence of the required information. All required information is to be sent in a single e-mail. In case the publishing house requires additional documents the authors are asked to send again all the documents, including the additional ones, for a better operation of the selection.

Our specialists (academics and experienced researchers) will assess the volume sent for participation at the selection organized by A.N.C.S. and they will send to authors the response after the evaluation of all manuscripts from this category.

In case of an affirmative answer from A.N.C.S., you will have to go through the following steps:

  •  Signing the editorial contract;
  • The complete final version of the volume after the author received and took into consideration the suggestions offered by our peer-reviewers;
  • Framing the volume;
  • Making the paging;
  • Making the cover;
  • Final correction of the text;
  • Giving ISBN and CIP;
  • Printing the volume;
  • Sending the copies to the author (s);
  • Distribution of the volume within Lumen Publishing House and the partner publishings;
  • Promoting the book through the editorial catalogue, on the site and virtual library of the Lumen Publishing House;
  • Promoting the volume through press releases and reviews; 
  • Promoting the volume at book fairs; 
  • Web 2.0 promoting through programs such as: Google Books, Scribd, Youtube, Slideshare etc;
  • Book releases (depending on the contract with the author);
  • Sending the volume to international libraries (depending on the contract with the author);
  • Sending the volume to at least 20 university libraries and 5 international libraries, and optional, if the contract stipulates this, sending the volume to all 62 accredited university libraries and 42 county libraries;
  • Sending the book offer to specialty department from universities in our country and other institutions, depending on the research profile;
  • Sending the volume to media organizations for promotion, if the contract stipulates this.

Benefits for authors

  • Academic recognition;

Lumen Publishing House is accredited by CNCS (National Council for Scientific Research) in category „B” for the period 2012-2016, Domain CNATDCU (National Council for Attestation of Titles, Diplomas and University Certificates): History and cultural studies (according to the correspondence grid of CNCS, domain CNATDCU), Sub-domain CNCS: History of arts and architecture. Cultural studies. Cultural memory and heritage. Cultural heritage.

  • Institutional promotion;
  • Increase of public awareness;
  • Achievement and increase of personal brand;
  • Increase of self-esteem.

Lumen Publishing House