Impactul programelor de asistenta sociala in penitenciar – Adina Rachieru

Adina Rachieru - impactul programelor

Impactul programelor de asistenta sociala in penitenciar/ The Impact of Social Work Programs in Prison (Romanian Version)
Author: Adina RACHIERU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010
No. pg. 132

                 For most of us, only the idea of deprivation of liberty – even legitimate achieved – is able to make us tense. Like haunted places in the past, prison surroundings seem to borrow something from the distortion around. The prison is a place which in the social imaginary belongs to both those who commit severe, antisocial acts and those who must ensure us that the convicts will not leave earlier than established by the court. They are supplemented by the image of his relatives or friends visiting those imprisoned. There is however a different category of people for whom the space of confinement is familiar. They are, as a matter of fact,  the only ones who go there voluntarily.

Iasi, Romania 15.10.2009
Associate Professor Dr. Tudor Pitulac

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