Ghid al comunicatorului din institutiile publice – Ana Dinescu

Ana Dinescu - Ghid al comunicatorului - Editura Lumen
Ana Dinescu – Ghid al comunicatorului – Editura Lumen

 Ghid al comunicatorului din institutiile publice/ Comunicators’s guide from public institutions (Romanian Version)
Author: Ana Dinescu
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010
No. pg. 404

            The idea of making this guide originated as a result of personal institutional experiences during 2004 – 2008 which showed me that, although in the private sector and, increasingly frequently – though not always consistently and professionally – in the political, the way people communicate is very close to Western standards. And, if we only think that these public institutions are financed from the budget, so from the contribution of everyone, we realize how important it is to inform taxpayers consistently and professional about activities, goals and programs of the institution.

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