Gestionarea crizelor de imagine. Criza din Tibet – Cringuta-Irina Pelea

Gestionarea crizelor- Pelea Cringuta

Gestionarea crizelor de imagine. Criza din Tibet/ Image Crisis Management. Tibet Crisis (Romanian Version)
Author: Cringuta-Irina PELEA
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2010

               Contemporary society is characterized by an unprecedented proliferation crisis and the lack of cohesion affects every area of public life. In this situation, it becomes more difficult to overcome and successful manage a crisis: the global political situation is uncertain, natural disasters are frequently increasing, armed conflicts are multiplying and financial fluctuations are more often. In this difficult and tense context, it is necessary to adopt appropriate strategies for crisis management to maintain credibility and public image capital.
              The main hypothesis underlying the research approach was that a crisis, even if is thought to be “internal”, will no doubt affect a;so the external. This is the case with the Beijing government which has labeled Tibetan riots as a “purely internal matter”, deliberately ignoring the external context – community and media – the international media. Although the crisis was considered a national and managed as such by Chinese officials, it has seriously affected China’s international image.

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