Evidenta si cercetare: o reconstructie pragmatista a epistemologiei – Susan Haack

Evidenta si cercetare Susan Haack

Evidenta si cercetare: o reconstructie pragmatista a epistemologiei/ Evidence and inquiry:  a pragmatist reconstruction of epistemology (Romanian Version)
Author: Susan Haack, translated by Catalina-Daniela Raducu
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2012
In print
ISBN 978-973-166-318-0

The volume Evidence and inquiry:  a pragmatic reconstruction of epistemology by Susan Haack, translated by Catalina-Daniela Raducu, offers a new approach to traditional epistemological problems. The book combines comprehensive, detailed and profound analysis of the dominant epistemological approaches sweeping and criticism on forms of vulgar pragmatism, with a detailed development of the theory of foundherentism developed by Susan Haack: interpenetration of issues of logical and causal justification, analogy of crossword games for evidence structure, a multidimensional story of what makes evidence to be better or worse, a distinct type of naturalism, a new understanding of conviction and a modest, conditional approach of the relation between justification and truth. Evidence and inquiry proved to be of interest not only for specialists but for many other readers, from deep scientists to deep specialists in law and literature.


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