Eul si religia. Cercetari de psihologie si filosofie – Bianca Bogdana Archip

Eul si religia

Eul si religia. Cercetari de psihologie si filosofie/ Ego and Religion. Psychology and Philosophy Research (Romanian Version)
Author: Bianca Bogdana ARCHIP
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 117

                  In the first section of the paper there is argued that we cannot dispense ourselves with the argumentative value of the person and that the doubt is the one which gives us ego of “Cogito, ergo sum”. In the second section I try to show that “there is a thought” to be fined up to ” (single) consciousness of one or more thoughts” and that, according to Descartes, what I observe when I say “cogito” is a mentally act doubled by his consciousness. 


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