Eugeniu Coseriu. Contributii la pragmatica lingvistica – Carmen Paduraru

Eugen Coseriu

Eugeniu Coseriu. Contributii la pragmatica lingvistica/ Eugeniu Coseriu. Contributions to Linguistic Pragmatics (Romanian Version)
Author: Carmen PADURARU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2009
No. pg. 135

The volume Eugeniu Coseriu. Contributions to  linguistic pragmatics by Carmen Paduraru, published at Lumen Publishing House, during the five chapters, deals with the roots of linguistic pragmatics and tries a delimitation of its object of study. A noteworthy aspect of the delimitations and distinctions that the author makes is that he lies a root of pragmatics in Eugeniu Coseriu’s linguistic. The volume opens with conceptual delimitations of pragmatics and its difficulties. The subject of this paper will have as center of gravity Coseriu’s linguistic, the author expressing his intention not to present its exhaustive work, but aspects that point towards pragmatics.

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