Costuri sociale ale migratiei externe din Romania – Daniela Petronela Feraru

Costuri sociale

Costuri sociale ale migratiei externe din Romania/ Social Costs of External Migration from Romania (Romanian Version)
Author: Daniela Petronela FERARU
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2007
No. pg. 221

                The present survey aims to approach the phenomenon of migration in an explanatory manner, primarily testing which are the external social costs of migration in Romania. There have been some researches in finding some answers in relation to this specific type of migration, namely international migration,the go-and-forth type that has known a constant growth in Romania in recent years. Travel for work abroad are part of a life strategy with major effects on the individual / household. Concerning this matter, the author highlights the social costs of a growing problem, with impacts at national level.

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