Conflictul din Orientul Apropiat in perioada 1948-2000 – Raluca Rus

Conflictul din orient

Conflictul din Orientul Apropiat in perioada 1948-2000/ Middle East Conflict in the 1948-2000 Period (Romanian Version)
Author: Raluca RUS 
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2006
No. pg. 183

                         The present study devoted to the conflict in the Middle East in the period 1948-2000, is a panorama of the fifty-two years characterized by multiple conflicts and peace-building attempts. This work is justified by the increasing interest in the history of Israel and Hebrew, fascinating people. The Holy Land, as it is called Israel, located at the intersection of two worlds, the Oriental with the European one, is a bridge between two civilizations that know a harmonious combination in the land promised to Moses.

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