Arme si unelte de silex si piatra din neoliticul Moldovei dintre Carpati si Prut – Vicu Merlan

Arme si unelte

Arme  si  unelte  de  silex  si  piatra  din neoliticul  Moldovei  dintre Carpati  si  Prut/ Weapons and Tools of Flint and Stone from Eneolithic in Moldova Between the Carpathians and Prut (Romanian Version)
Author: Vicu MERLAN
Lumen Publishing House
Iasi, Romania 2008
No. pg. 300

                       The results of our study were based on lithic articles published in various literature, on those pieces in the collection of museums (Suceava, Vaslui, Botosani, Iasi, Hu?i, Barlad) and on the analysis pieces from personal research. Study tools offer many opportunities for historical interpretation: enables us to know the stage of development reached by the communities of civilization, allowing us to reconstruct the various activities undertaken by people of the Neolithic period using stone tools.


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